6. Integrated rural development, and promotion of LEADER and Community-Led Local Development

This theme was led by ELARD, the European LEADER Association for Rural Development. The Project Manager was Kadri Tillemann, ELARD. The project involved 505 direct and 2000 indirect participants from 25 countries, in surveys, conference, research, travelling workshops and reports. Conclusions identified proposals for Leader/CLLD, national policy, transnational cooperation.

The activities are a combination of two themes within the European Rural Manifesto:
Integrated rural development, based on a definition as being an ongoing process involving local stakeholders aiming to improve the lives of people living in rural areas, and for this part of the work the main aim will be:

  • to clarify to what degree development of rural areas is done as an integrated process between stakeholders and central, regional and local authorities
  • to identify case studies to show the differences between top down and integrated development
  • LEADER and CLLD (Community Led Local Development) principles defined by their advocacy for a territorial, integrated and partnership-based approach to rural development, pursued in a bottom-up and place-based spirit. For this part of the work the main aim will be:
  • to identify case studies to show advantages and disadvantages of using LEADER, CLLD or other methodologies in rural development, as administered today
  • to conclude and declare suggestions to how different methodologies can improve the development of rural areas by involving stakeholders.
  • to seek and provide suggestions to how to improve the use of CLLD and Multi-funding

The first international event for this theme was “Renewing LEADER/CLLD for 2020+” held in Tartu in November 2016, resulting in the Tartu Declaration. The second international event “Role of bottom-up approach renewing ESI Funds for 2021-2027” was held in Brussels on 31 May 2017, see programme here.

A survey was established to find the cases showing good results by using integrated development, this survey was aimed at our ERP Partners and ELARD members, and was completed by 30 June. Another survey was established for wider participation to establish the state of integrated development processes throughout Europe.

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