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At the European level, the ENRD Contact Point and Evaluation Helpdesk act as a bridge between the public authorities and interest group representatives and actors on the ground. Stakeholder involvement is part of our natural way of working, and we strive to engage stakeholders through capacity building activities, information exchange and networking.

The survey takes about 12 minutes to complete and will be open until Friday, 1 March. 

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Tell your good or bad rural community development story by the end of April 2019 and win a participation to the 4th European Rural Parliament in Spain November 6-9th 2019. Questions to kim.smedslund(at)suomenkylat.fi


Answer the survey by the end of April 2019. It will help us to develop ERP further. This survey is limited to ERP-Partners

Survey - ‘EC Consultation on the future of Europe’

The European Commission is undertaking a consultation on the future of Europe. The ERP is doing its own survey, related to this.  Completing our survey will help you to answer to the official version. The results will also input to our ROAD activities for policy purposes.  Additional questions are attached at the end of the survey. Give your answers from a rural people’s perspective. This will give ERP ideas on what kind of advocacy activities are needed from people´s perspective. When answering open-ended questions, please give short answers for ERP-purposes.

Below is the link to the official EC survey (noted by EC, that this survey has been drafted by citizens themselves)