Local Economy

Communities, NGO´s, small enterprises and farms as partners in local economy

ERP looks for integrative partnership models for local economy involving different sectors and actors for the common good of the territory, especially in remote areas. Cases, studies and analysis will support the suggestions for actions and policies. It is about to find, develop and disseminate potential for improving living conditions through dedicated cooperation between civil society, small farmers, entrepreneurs and administration. Also community entrepreneurship – social entrepreneurship is beeing analysed.

Dear ERP-partners,

Civitas, PREPARE and ERP invite you to participate in the google survey on local economies. It is important that you give your voice and ideas on this important subject. Answers are used internally by ERP to develop efficient local (partneship) economy policies  in Europe for local actors respecting the EU GDPR rules. Results will  be available at the Slovenian Rural parliament in October this year and at the Gathering in Asturias.


Best regards,