The ERP Mid-term event 27.10.2021

Plenary 1: Progress since the 4th ERP 2019 based on the outputs from the 4th ERP in November 2019. Findings and subsequent actions at EU and national levels. Reports from the European Institutions and ERP Partners.

Welcome Moderator: Tom Jones OBE - President, European Rural Community Alliance, ERP Steering Group

Report from the European Institutions:

Report from the European Rural Parliament

Report from the European Rural Youth Parliament

Report from ERP National Partners


Plenary 2: The Changing context - Changes since 2019 which set a new context for rural areas

Moderator: Prof. Mark Shucksmith - Director of ERCA, Trustee of Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), Newcastle University

Insights from research and innovation on future trends

Covid-19 - implications for rural communities and policy

Climate change - rural impacts, local action and policy

Questions and Answers

Breakouts: The Key Issues - Thematic groups to identify key issues for the coming period

Plenary 3: Looking to the future! Where are the new directions and how do we engage with these, including at the 2022 ERP?

1. Climate change - communities as instruments of transition

2. Localism - local empowerment and governance

3. Youth - role in local development and policy decisions

4. EU Neighbouring Countries - relationships with the EU

5. Digitisation - digital divide, just transition

6. Wellbeing economy - Circular economy

7. Tourism - benefits, impacts and community led solutions

 Questions and Answers

Conclusions: Main findings and next steps for ERP and its Partners

Questions and Answers

Welcome to the 5th ERP in Poland

Final conclusion Michel Dower