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Time for rural citizen´s?

1 year 8 months ago #7 by kimsmedslund
Governments and governance should be there for our (rural) citizen. There are some dangerous trends which alone or combined with each other lead to unwanted results. "Distance" could be considered as the reason for emerging popular/populist movements and diminished human rights leading to unstable conditions, not to mention yellows in France, yellows and reds in Thailand, Brexit and at a general level for all exodus forms from rural areas. The distance if defined is in communication, in power, in decision-making, in living conditions, in income aso.

It is time for administrations and decision makers to react, and for rural citizen´s to be there, present for the challenge of animating and developing their own living area. Rural citizen´s should be active to suggest concrete actions, policies and tools for their cause.

Let´s discuss about the citizen´s initiative. Let´s discuss about the potential content and its impact for us.


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