efc logo letter left cutThe Finnish Village Movement Association implemented the ROAD project in cooperation with ELARD, ERCA and PREPARE 1.8.2018-31.1.2020. The project was financed by the Europe for Citizens programme.

Communities and Volunteering web report

Within the ROAD project Kodukant (Estonia) and ERCA assisted by Polish, Scottish, Finnish, Swedish and Kosovar rural development organisations organised or participated in 7 events involving 722 participants from 23 countries. The main event was arraged in Estonia by Kodukant in Räpinä July 2019. During the project supportive documents were created on the rights and possibilities of rural citizen in EU and Europe.

Different private or public support systems for communities and rural citizens and analysed through case-studies eg. on community consultants, village ombudsmen and/or village elders activities. The social and economic impact of voluntary contribution by rural citizen’s was also discussed and analysed. The impact is big but not enough recognized in value or in politics.

The activities of the ROAD project provided the basis for policy suggestions at national and European level.  The process was concluded in the 4th European Rural Parliament in Asturias beginning of November 2019. At the Gathering many workshops were related to rural communities. Find below enablers, barriers, cases and policy suggestions on communities´ development discussed at the Gathering.


Two more specific issues were also tackled. Firstly, it is important increase understanding of EU and to better connect EU with its rural citizens. Secondly, climate change is evident. One solution is to develop energy efficient communities.