Local Economy

efc logo letter left cutThe Finnish Village Movement Association implemented the ROAD project in cooperation with ELARD, ERCA and PREPARE 1.8.2018-31.1.2020. The project was financed by the Europe for Citizens programme.

Local economy Web report

In this project we looked for integrative approach for local economy including different sectors and actors for the common good of the territory/smart community. Cases, studies and analysis supported the suggestions for actions and policies.

Within the ROAD project, PREPARE, the Slovenian Network for Rural Development organised 3 events,  Civitas 3 events, the Croatian network 1 event. In addition a survey on cooperation and partnerships in local economy was finalised by Civitas. It reached 66 people from 14 countries. Face to face meetings gathered 496 people to discuss on local economy, partnerships and solutions. In the ERP Gathering, cooperation issues in local economy was further developed.