efc logo letter left cutThe Finnish Village Movement Association implemented the ROAD project in cooperation with ELARD, ERCA and PREPARE 1.8.2018-31.1.2020. The project was financed by the Europe for Citizens programme.

Maintaining UK Rural Links with Europe

Altogether 14 events and one online survey and one webinar with a total of 384 participants from five countries have been carried out within this project.  The purpose of the project was to bring together ERP partners in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in order to demonstrate commitment to European relations and to enable a voice in Europe.

Participants had to answer following questions Why is it important to maintain links with Europe? What kind of links do we need to maintain? How can we do that? Who needs to do it? UK countries held separate meetings and events to answer these questions. The survey that received 171 responses was used to find out how people felt about Brexit and its perceived impacts, their understanding of the funding their communities had received from the EU and opinions on the future of funding. Find below the workshop summaries.

The reports combined with the survey lead to the main reports of the UK links process. All the results were discussed and presented at the 4th ERP Gathering in Asturias 6-9.11.2019.