European Parliament Resolution

We are delighted to share this very positive outcome from the 3rd European Rural Parliament. The European Parliament cite directly the Venhorst Declaration in their Resolution addressing the specific needs of rural, mountainous and remote areas (2018/2720(RSP). Link:…

This goal of the Resolution is to activate the European Union to come up with concrete actions. We will be following the development of this process.

The 4th European Rural Parliament host announced!

It is a great pleasure to announce the host of the 4th European Rural Parliament. This will be held in Asturias in Spain, hosted by READER, the Asturian Rural Development Network and their partners, in association with ERP Partner REDR, the Spanish Network for Rural Development. It will take place 6-9 November 2019, in the village of Candás in Carreño municipality in the region of Cabo Peñas.

Congratulations to our Spanish partners!

We were delighted to have received 4 exceptional proposals to host the 2019 ERP gathering - from Finland & Sweden, Romania, France and Spain. This is an endorsement of the importance that the ERP Gathering has now achieved. The team of assessors had a difficult task to make their recommendations to the ERP Steering Group, which took the final decision at their meeting on September 26. We want to thank the 4 partners who went to so much effort to submit such excellent proposals. Unfortunately only one could be chosen this time!

We will circulate more information on the ERP website, newsletter and social media as plans develop, so please keep an eye on these in the coming period.

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Attend the Scottish Rural Parliament 14-16 November 2018



Welcome to the website of this fast growing and unique movement, rooted in and working for the interests of the rural people and communities of Europe.

The European Rural Parliament ERP is a long-term campaign to express the voice of rural people in Europe; and to promote self-help and action by the rural people, in partnership with civil society and governments. The campaign reaches a climax every two years with a gathering of rural people from all parts of the wider Europe. Between the gatherings we co-operate across Europe to identify and report key rural issues and implement the recommendations of the biennial gathering. The ERP began with the first gathering in 2013 and has since held gatherings in 2015 and 2017. The next gathering will be in 2019.

The ERP is a partnership initiative of 3 European-wide networks: European Rural Community Alliance ERCA; PREPARE Partnership for Rural Europe; European Leader Association for Rural Europe ELARD. It involves National Partners in 40 countries and 5 European-wide networks, civil society organisations working to support their rural areas.


The 3rd phase (2016-17) of the European Rural Parliament’s work is now complete. This was very productive and has moved the initiative forward in many ways. During the 2 years since the 2nd ERP Gathering in 2015, we successfully raised funding from the EU Europe for Citizens Programme. This enabled multi-national work on 6 thematic projects, and the 3rd ERP Gathering in Venhorst, the Netherlands in October 2017. We expanded our partnership to include National Partners from 40 European countries and 5 European networks. We have also put the ERP firmly on the map in Brussels, with high level meetings in the Commission and participation in events and committees. You can read all about this on the ERP Activities and ERP Gatherings pages.

European Rural Parliament - Venhorst 2017

The very successful 3rd ERP Gathering in October 2017 agreed the Venhorst Declaration and an updated European Rural Manifesto 2017. Based on these, a Message to European Institutions was prepared, and forms the basis for our continuing advocacy.

For key documents and translations see "Gatherings - ERP 2017"